about me

photo credit: tanglebriar

hi, i’m zelle.

a little bit about me

If there are some things I enjoy, things I truly enjoy, they always include those I love….and tacos. I can’t even begin to describe my love for tacos and coca-cola, and a morning cup of coffee with my husband.

I enjoy treasuring moments, all moments. From the little things in life, like a new succulent I buy for my kitchen window, to the big joys of a friend’s engagement and everything in between.

I live in Tennessee, long for the beach, and could travel the world if I could. I would describe myself as a middle-ground of adventurous and cautious. I could easily do both, at the same time. I am very fond of fonts, graphic design, and creating things myself.

fun facts about the real me

I love … • black-and-white photos  •  lowercase letters  •  coffee with my husband in the mornings  •  bacon + eggs  •  older music (80s-90s)  •  dogs, especially “aggresive” breeds (I don’t stereotype dogs)  •  NBC’s The Office  •  Ceramic decor  •  Tiramisu  •  Pins  •  island living + beach vibes

a little bit about my love for photography

I try to capture photos in such a way that when you start with the first one, each photo that follows should continue that story. So, whether it’s the day you tie the knot to the love of your life, the day we take a trip to the beach to celebrate your engagement, or a day you randomly chose for family photos at your favorite park…these are things that are real. Therefore, rather than having you pose in front of a green screen or smiling on the count of three, let’s embrace the real in life. Let’s venture to your favorite spot or hike to a hidden gem in this wonderful Earth we call home.

Capturing happiness, counting blessings, and all-in-all, creating one more memory. Exploring new ends that allow a trustworthy friendship to be born.

I am not a big fan of the whole, “1, 2, 3, smile” concept; although I found that it comes in handy with really large groups sometimes. When I am behind my camera, I like to get to know you. You’ll find that I ask fun questions, intimate questions, and hilarious prompts that may make you question it at first, but trust me, you’ll have fun.

so, this is me. this is my camera. and this is the start of something real.

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