Couples will always have ‘a thing’. For some couples, they venture out into the unknown to camp and hike. Others enjoy tasting the variety of cultures through restaurants every weekend. But for Andrew and Anna, their ‘thing’ is to relax in their hammock reading some of their favorite novels.

We met early one morning trying to catch the sunrise overlooking the beautiful mountains of both North Carolina and Tennessee. Rolling hills with layers of fog truly gave their appearance of a white sea within the mountains.

Although the sun was harsh, we hiked up the mountain looking for shady spots as we go. But the most rewarding spot was at the very top, where snuggled within some trees we found the ultimate hammock location.

The love these two share is as genuine as it gets. With a history of crushing on each other back in middle and high school to getting married out of college. The true love story of marrying your best friend, who has been there since the beginning loving you through thick and thin.