To start off our cold, chilly afternoon, we enjoyed a delicious and greek-infused meal at Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe in downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee. We talked about wedding plans and even how the marriage symptoms, laughs, and memories start during the engagement period of our lives.

We drove to the downtown area and walked around. With the wind blowing, we made our way into a small, modern coffee shop that served some of the best hot chocolate that I have ever had.

Yet still, we need to make our way to find some an overlook backdrop. Just around the corner from Chattanooga lies Lookout Mountain. Driving up all of the curvy roads we finally made it to Sunset Rock. This small, gravel parking lot snuggled between two homes, leads you down a rocky path with stairs that lead you to the edge of the cliff. Just a note, there are no railings, so we paid extra attention to every step we took.

The heavy overcast and hazy weather definitely made our hands cold, arms shiver, and cheeks turn bright, cherry red. We laughed, enjoyed the chilly afternoon. We enjoyed the chilly afternoon, laughed at all of the funny things that life can throw our way, and all in all, enjoyed each other’s company.