Casey is easily one of the most beautiful and joyful brides, ever. Her bridal session was full of laughter, jokes, and positive vibes. We were relaxed with no schedule in sight. We captured what floated our boat as the evening went on. So full of happiness and I’m completely obsessed with how beautiful her natural smile is. I can easily see how her smile can brighten up her husband-to-be’s day.

Her dress was lush and full of many layers coming together to a tight strapless top. The tip of each layer had a double layer of material, as opposed to a lace tip, and I was absolutely in love with the modern look that it gave.

I can’t wait for your gorgeous wedding. Your husband-to-be is most definitely going to shed some tears when he sees you walking down that aisle. It’s going to be a ceremony full of joy and I’m sure we’re all going to have some tears slowly making their way down our cheeks.

venue | Matthews, NC
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