“Stay patient and trust your journey. If you want to know where your heart is, look to where your mind goes when it wanders.”

Chase + Sarah were originally from the Carolinas and made their way down to sunshine state for work. Now, work is hopefully bringing them back to the Carolinas to be with their families (and to finally enjoy the four seasons, again).

Chase + Sarah are absolutely in love. My finance and I truly enjoyed getting to know them this past weekend during their weekend trip in Asheville. We even talked about movies and how choosing their favorite one wasn’t an easy task.

Their engagement story was definitely one of my favorites from all those that I have heard, yet. In short, they enjoyed seafood together on the balcony where Chase popped the question. Funny enough, after many emotions and feels were flowing between them, the waiter thought then was the appropriate time to ask if they were ready for the check. Clearly the tears, smiles, and wide open windows looking out over the balcony were not clear enough. [This is where those Windex commercials popped into my head — ha ha!]

We ventured to a gorgeous waterfall where we found another couple enjoying each other’s kisses at the top, found a very colorful caterpillar of some sort, and even had the love of a very happy and energetic dog run past us while stretching his legs from what seems to be a lengthy car ride.

To top it all off, Sarah’s engagement ring is a unique, one of a kind gem. With a large, blue center stone and a flower setting, her ring’s beauty stands out, just like their love does. I cannot wait to capture their love and union this October and look forward to all the happiness and joy their journey will bring them.

Venue: Looking Glass Falls + Black Balsam Knob, Pisgah National Forest, NC