What a glorious greeting the sun gives the mountains. -John Muir

With a sunset scheduled for around 8:30p, we decided to arrive at Roan Mountain around 7p to capture some late afternoon portraits. Talking, and talking, and talking, we didn’t realize how long time had passed and didn’t leave until 7:15, meaning we wouldn’t arrive until 8:15p.

Needless to say, it was perfect in the end! The sunset was a gorgeous, fiery red. The wind was calm and cooling. And, the love between these two recently engaged love birds was just beautiful.

We skipped the gravel path and followed a slim path through the grassy hill….it resulted in quite the workout (a stair-master is nothing compared to this mountain). The perfectly round sun, glaring its bright and powerful light mixed with the foggy and gloomy clouds resulted in a late romantic evening.

Eric + Morgan, I can’t wait for the day the two of you tie the knot. You two have so much joy and happiness that awaits you in the future and I look forward to seeing the celebrations that are on their way.

venue: Carver’s Gap, Roan Mountain, TN / NC