Frequently Asked Wedding Questions

Sometimes, things need to be clarified just a little bit further.


Before booking, be sure that you take a scroll through my other galleries, take a roam through my Instagram, and confirm that you like the style of my work. Style includes the editing style, types of photos taken, and the posing/focusing of those images. For example, you will find that I do not capture any images where the grass is saturated (or as I like to call it, fruit-roll up green). I tend to capture images with a hunter green shade of grass, slightly muted tones, and lots of neutrals. Wilderness and outdoor photos are my personal favorite, followed by bright and white spaces, and wooden or stone structures. Although the pricing of photographers is an important aspect to focus on, be sure it isn’t the only aspect you focus on. If you don’t like the style before you book, odds are your photos will be delivered in that same style. It is important to make sure you like the style of the photographer, too.

could we perhaps do a trial run?

The only way to have a trial run taken, would be to purchase an engagement session prior to your wedding collection. All of my wedding collections include a free engagement session, but if you want to be sure that you love me and my style before booking your full wedding, this would be the perfect way to do that.

how and when do I pay?

To securely book your wedding date, a retainer is due (30% of your collection total, including travel). The balance (remaining 70%) is due 2 weeks before your wedding date. Weddings are not booked until the balance is received. To avoid another couple booking your wedding date, keep me posted and pay your balance as soon as you get the chance.

are payment plans available?

Yes. I offer monthly plans up until your wedding. Nominal fees to set up the payment plan and late fees apply.

if we don’t need engagement pictures, is there a discount? or, if we struggle to schedule engagement pictures, can we substitute for an extra hour?

No. All wedding collections come with a complimentary engagement session (i.e. free), therefore there is no discount, reimbursement, or substitution for not redeeming this free session before the wedding. The reason engagement sessions are free is because I have noticed that when the happy couple and I have met prior to the wedding, they are more comfortable, relaxed, and aware of my photography/shooting style the day of the wedding. Essentially, we skip the awkward stranger pointing a camera at us point and go straight to, “smile at Zelle”. It also gives you a chance to see with pose styles you like, and dislike, making our wedding day just that much easier with more photos that you love. Consider it a “test run” prior to your special day.

what if we have to cancel?

The retainer (deposit) is nonrefundable. All balances paid up until the point of cancellation are nonrefundable.

what if we have to change the date?

If something comes up and your wedding date changes (due to the venue’s schedule or any other reason), I will be happy to reschedule, as long as I am not already booked on the date you are trying to change to. If I am available on the new date, there is a $50 transfer fee to secure the new date, and drop the old one. If I am unfortunately not available on the new date, the deposit, and all monies paid, are then forfeited.

can we bring our dog?

heck yes! But, to ensure we still get some photos without the dog(s), please be sure to bring someone with to help you with the dog(s).

when do we schedule the engagement session?

This is up to you. Spring time, summer, your choice. The longer we have between your booking and your wedding day, the more options you have to capture the special engagement. Take a look at your schedule and find a day where you are free starting 2 hours prior to sunset. If it is overcast that day, we are more flexible with the capture time.

images + delivery
how many images do we get?

Complimentary engagement sessions receive 10 digital images; you will have the opportunity to choose these 10 images. If you cannot choose just 10, the rest of the gallery will be available for purchase a la carte or as a full gallery. Weddings do not have a minimum or a maximum. As all weddings are different, each wedding will receive a unique number of images to suit that wedding. For example, when comparing weddings with zero bridal party members to those with a bridal party of 16 people; the larger wedding may receive more due to more individual images, etc. Specific timelines also help to ensure more images are taken. The less time we spend standing around trying to figure out what is going to happen next, the more time we can spend taking beautiful images for you to enjoy.

how and when do I get my images?

Galleries are delivered online. You are able to download one-by-one on a mobile device or iPad, or as a gallery on a desktop. I kindly request four weeks to delivery your full wedding gallery.

my family member or friend is a photographer, or owns a camera, can they take pictures too?

Unfortunately, no. To ensure the quality of my images, my contract states that I am to be the sole photographer, unless a second shooter is brought with me. Family members, friends, and guests should remain seated and enjoy your ceremony rather than walking around trying to take pictures with me.

what if we are running late?

If the bride+groom, or any other participating members, are late, coverage will not be extended. Extra time is available a la carte at an hourly rate before your wedding date. If extra coverage needs to be added the day of the wedding, I happily offer additional hours as long as my schedule permits the additional time the day of.

do we need a timeline or schedule of events?

yes, yes and yes! This is a very important aspect for not only your wedding’s flow, it comes in super handy for not only me as the photographer, but for you other vendors and guests as well. Keep in mind that your timeline should include things you want captured. For example, if you want family photos, your timeline needs to have at least 30 minutes set aside for family photos. Be sure to make time for all the types of images you expect to have captured in this timeline (also be sure that those moments occur during your coverage hours).

what time do you (the photographer) arrive?

I arrive 30 minutes prior to the scheduled arrival time to scout through your venue, view all the decor (if already set up), and roam through the venue to ensure I know where everything will be taking place. Coverage starts when scheduled (which we will discuss together depending on your schedule of events).

what if we need more photos, but ran out of time?

This is why a timeline comes in handy – it will help you predict the length of time you need. But as life happens, sometimes things are out of our control. I happily offer more coverage if needed, as long as my schedule permits the additional time. If possible, I always suggesting adding more time prior to the wedding, to ensure that I am available longer that day. Teasers and the final gallery will not be delivered until the additional coverage has been paid in full.

what if it rains?

We continue to capture your day, but with umbrellas. We’ll aim for sheltered areas, under trees, or simply with our umbrellas.

what if our guests had their cell phones during the ceremony? can you Photoshop that out?

I highly suggest unplugged weddings for this very reason. Do you really want your husband-to-be ducking and leaning far over just to see you past the cell phones? Probably not. Unfortunately, I do not offer any excess Photoshop to remove cell phones or other distractions during the ceremony. If any family members or guests get in the way of me capturing your happy moments, those moments are not guaranteed to come out as beautifully as they deserved.

our family friend takes photos, can they follow you around?

The contract specifically states that I will be the sole photographer for the event. If any family members, friends, or other guests interfere with my duties as your photographer, some images may be missed. It is my job to capture your day, it is their job to enjoy and celebrate it with you (not bombard with the cellphones). Yes, this is a happy time and I understand that everyone wants to capture the moment for themselves, just keep in mind that I am not responsible for any images missed due to any interference thereof.

I got a pimple this morning, can you take that off?

I remove any and all dreadful pimples that may arise on your special day, upon request. This is complementary for the bride and groom, only. If additional members would like any removal or editing effects, a nominal fee may apply per photo.

can we put filters on the photos?

Filters of any kind aren’t allowed on the images as they reduce the beauty and quality of both the images and the photography style. These images cannot be sold, re-edited, subject to filters, or posted in any places that could potentially jeopardize the company’s reputation. Instagram, Facebook, and all other filters are strictly prohibited onto photos of any kind. When posting, tagging the Instagram or Facebook page must accompany the post.

can we print the photos?

Yes! With your final gallery, you will receive a print release giving you non-expiring print rights for personal use. You can print these images at/any printers, but it is highly recommended that to keep the quality of the images, quality printers are used.

• Stick to the timeline as best as possible. If friends try to flag you down after the ceremony, kindly inform them that you will be free for selfies during the reception.
• You will want some time alone. Therefore, during the bride + groom portion of the cocktail hour, I will solely take the bride and groom away for photos. No family or friends are permitted to join at this time.
• If your family and friends are making any portion of the photography difficult for you — don’t stress. Let it be, I will handle it. This is your day, stand straight, smile big, and squeeze the love of your life tightly. Let me handle these small issues, and be sure to stay as happy as possible. (: