Jaime’s wedding dress was exquisite. Her personality is relaxed, warm, and her family is oh so welcoming. We wondered family’s land searching out a few spots of opportunity. On a more real note, that doesn’t sounds as lovely and is in all honesty, we walked around looking for shade on this extremely hot August day. We took a few breaks to prevent any overheating and we had a lot of water breaks.

One of my favorite spots was when Jaime was on her childhood swing. We were able to capture her signature move of standing on the swing and swaying side to side, as opposed to front to back. As she now makes the transition from daughter to wife, we were thrilled to have incorporated those moments in her childhood that defined her personality. Her friendliness is like a swing, she’ll sway all the ways she’s allowed bringing a sense of joy and happiness to those around her.

Jaime’s groom, whose love for her is visibly deep and true, is lucky to not only have Jaime in his life, but her amazing family as well. Love is all around and because of that, the happiness just blossoms. The tender love and care her family continues to give Jaime will be present in her long-lasting marriage and I can’t wait to capture this happiness for years to come.