Two years into their marriage, Jon + Kaitlyn have fully embraced the many joys that a union has to offer. With a personal accomplishment in their lives, a celebration was in order, and champagne was coming with.

We hiked up Roan Mountain, capturing their family of 4, two of which are their furry pups. We enjoyed the slow changing of the leaves, the early fall temperatures, and the breathtaking views of North Carolina.

We popped the champagne at an elevation of around 5,650 feet, but it honestly probably took about 5.650 minutes for that bottle to pop. The cork was stubborn.

These are the kinds of sessions that I truly enjoy.

Why? Because these are where you can truly be yourself. No rushing. No onlooking peers or strangers. No list of required poses. Just you and the love of your life. And of course, your furry children are always welcome, on or off the leash.

True smiles. Genuine laughter and giggles. And dogs. I can’t express enough my love for dogs.

Celebrating two years of marriage, still going strong. Cheers to oh so many more!