Carver’s Gap on Roan Mountain has most likely become one of my favorite overlook mountain spots, ever. Sitting at an elevation of 5,512 feet, Carver’s Gap can be found at the border of both North Carolina and Tennessee, and the border of the Pisgah National Forest and Cherokee National Forest.

With large rain clouds hovering over the neighboring mountains, we did get slightly nervous for the chance of rain, of course. We hiked to the top, carrying a basket filled with food, blankets, and pillows, so the rain would have made the trip back down quite difficult, and slippery. In the mean time, we continued to enjoy the picnic, the fields, and the views. The views here are absolutely breathtaking! If you climb to the very top, you will get a near 360-degree view of both states and the various mountain hills that surround you. Danielle bought a delicious slice of chocolate cake that didn’t even get completely eaten due to the fact that too many laughs were being shared; that and Kenneth isn’t a chocolate cake fan.

I truly had a lot of fun with the future Mr. + Mrs. Pennington. We talked about their love for each other and I got to witness the genuine care they have for each other. Kenneth was willing to take photos near their home, yet drove 2 hours for the love of his life to enjoy something new for his beautiful wife-to-be.

This fall, the future mr. + mrs. will exchange their vows in a small, wooden church hidden in the woods (talk about romantic). I can’t wait to capture the love they share again on their big day so that they are able to treasure these moments for the rest of their lives.