SENIOR PORTRIATS • Mountain air, snow drenched trees, and the complete sound of nature. That is exactly what fascinates Micah with the Appalachian mountains where we were able to capture these memorial moments. His love for the wilderness and his spirit as open as nature itself was truly inspiring. His high school graduation was an accomplishment putting him one step closer to his goals and by capturing this special moment of success in his life, Micah can mark his graduation off of his to-do list with a smile.

A few times the wind would blow and snow would flutter all around. At one point, one of Micah’s friends shook a tree to add some extra snow to the photo: so much snow fell we only captured his feet in that one photo! With low temperatures and a slippery road around our early morning arrival, the weather around the time of our departure thankfully had us taking our outer layer jackets off.

I truly enjoyed this shoot due to the photographic opportunities nature provided us with and would hands down return for some more any day.

Location ◦ Julian Price Memorial Park, Boone, NC