“What is there for me in a world without you?” – Sleepy Hollow

Snuggled within the mountains, just outside of Asheville, NC, lies the Sleepy Hollow Inn. A beautiful white home where Chase and Sarah become one. A beautiful union between two beautiful souls. We captured their engagement at Black Balsam Knob in Asheville, and their story was so romantic. From a waiter ruining the moment by bringing the check to the happy yes that united these both.

One thing I love about Sarah is her desired to do things just a tad differently, adding her one unique twist to all things beauty. Her wedding dress was all white, with blue floral accents pieces all over. Her bouquet hung long with blue flowers and she transformed a sentimental family bracelet into a hair pin.

Edible succulents on the cake, white lanterns from the ceiling, a brick chimney in the corner, and love all around.

venue + catering: Sleepy Hollow Inn & Event Center