Adam + Jess // the gorgeous, happy, and completely-in-love newly weds!

On this late summer afternoon, two souls became one. Although the clouds emptied and arrangements for their ceremony were moved indoors, the inclement weather phased no one. In fact, as they were nearing their vows, the weather cleared, providing cool, gorgeous weather for the remainder of the afternoon.

Everyone has their own style. Their own vibe. And definitely their own personality. But, when you are able to find someone who complements you, makes you better, and gives you a chance to broaden your horizon, love is in the midst. And love is to blame. The decorations gave me an insight to this wonderful couple. Using books from their own library and some store-bought grapes, their tables were simplistic, yet elegant.

Yet of course, my favorite part of all their wedding planning, will be the fact that they sliced their wedding cake with a sword. Yes, a sword. Not a kitchen knife. Not an expensive registry knife. A SWORD. Absolute wedding goals — totally wish I thought of this at my wedding. Adam and Jess sliced their cake slowly and carefully. My husband and I would have honestly turned our cake cutting ceremony into a mini game of ‘fruit-ninja’ with that cake…so it’s best we didn’t use a sword (but still, would have loved every moment of it).

Their best man made a wonderful speech, enlightening the guests of how they have grown up together, but in age and in life. Genuine friendships, genuine love, and genuine people. Their families were warm and welcoming. Their guests were full of smiles and happiness. Their officiant, the bride’s step father, even joined the groom in a little ‘surprise’ selfie after their big kiss. Their first selfie as mr + mrs.

I truly enjoyed getting to know Adam + Jess and wish them the best in this lifetime. From happiness to peace, fulfillment to joy, and everything in-between. Cheers to your everlasting marriage.

this wedding is published on Borrowed & Blue