“You are beautiful. I have the best looking wife, ever!” – groom

I don’t think that I have ever heard a groom tell his bride how good she looked as often as this groom did. I’m talking hourly. Every time he looked at her, his face lit up, the smile stretched from cheek to cheek, and the compliments flowed out. He would tell her time and time again how gorgeous, beautiful, and radiant she looked on their big day.

Jeremy and Lauren have been excited for their marriage, for a while now. It was truly beautiful to see how they gathered their close family and friends for a small, intimate ceremony. Their focus was on the marriage itself and not the wedding. Everything was relaxed, laid back, and focused around celebrating their union.

I mean, talk about happiness and joy. As the officiant was nearing the end of the ceremony, the bride yelped with happiness before hearing the official declaration of the official mr + mrs.

VENUE: Allandale Mansion, Kingsport, TN
DJ: Rick Shelton
WEDDING DRESS: David’s Bridal
this wedding is published on Borrowed & Blue
venue: Allandale Mansion, Kingsport, TN
dress: David’s Bridal
flowers: family DIY
catering: Food City