My best friend got married and I was happy to have been able to celebrate this special union with her. We met her groom back in college, in a very dull and early management class. After a few classes, I sat next two seats down from him to give her the chance to meet. Now, years later, we hiked up Roan Mountains in our dresses, found a flat spot overlooking North Carolina and Tennessee, and began their ceremony. Of course we all expected rain, but believe me, the fog from the oncoming storm brought nothing but beauty.

Now of course, as the maiden-of-honor, being the photographer as well isn’t an easy task; it’s one or the other. But for me, when you are obsessed with all things pictures, and your best friend just tied the knot, how can you avoid pictures? The answer is you can’t. With every turn of my head, the fog would roll in through the trees, the breeze would ever so slightly brush against your arm, and all I kept thinking to myself was, “I wish I had my camera.” So, I gave my iPhone a chance to capture their beauty, and although the quality isn’t that from my camera, I’m not even disappointed.

So, here’s to celebrating this gorgeous, breath-taking union between these two college-sweethearts. I wish you both the best on your honeymoon and wish you the happiest marriage of all. xoxoxo

venue: carver’s gap // roan mountain, nc + tn (on the border)
wedding dress: BHLDN
hair + makeup: DIY
florals: Susan Liles Floral Design
these images were captured on an iPhone 7