Norma was one of the most beautiful and relaxed brides, ever. When her mother reached out to me for the wedding photos, she informed me that Norma didn’t want any, but that she was putting her ‘foot down’ on that one, and I’m glad she did. Norma’s wedding was divine and everything that true minimalist dreams of. Rather than minimalist decor, Norma really had a minimal amount of decorations. A few flowers on the bench and we’re off.

About fifteen minutes prior to the scheduled start of her wedding, this gorgeous bride asked, “What are we waiting for? If everyone is here, can’t we just do it now?” Best. Thing. Ever. Norma is like me, rather than being excited for the ceremony, we were too busy dreaming and thinking of how awesome the marriage was going to be that we tend to try to speed things up when possible. I absolutely loved how she saw no point in waiting.

The ceremony took place in a small garden behind the church’s sanctuary. Enclosed with just a few garden beds, and a green statue of children climbing, the location was simple enough to be overly beautiful. Norma’s wedding was my fourth wedding at this church, but my first one outside, and I must say that I absolutely loved it!

this wedding is published on Borrowed & Blue
Venue ◦ Central Church in Charlotte, NC
Makeup Artist ◦ DIY
Flowers ◦ DIY