my favorite fall session, yet.

Neil + Katie are two of the sweetest, friendliest, and deeply loving souls that could be paired together. I absolutely love it when couples have so much love that they can’t keep their hands off of one another. Whether it’s a hug, kiss, or just a slight touch on the shoulder, their love is beautifully visible. The giggles are contagious, the laughs are full of joy, and the deep loving gestures speak from within.

Katie, your groom is absolutely in love with all of you.

Neil, your bride will love you until the end through thick and thin.

I truly enjoyed meeting you both and wish you both the best in your marriage. It is very clear to see that you both will stand firmly by each other’s side, laughing at all the mistakes you’ve make and the long roads you’ve taken in the past. Loving each other through the hardest times and being overly filled with joy during the easiest times.

Congratulations on your engagement, Mr + Mrs Neil (: