This is what fuels us as photographers. This and our love for photography.

To prevent duplicate reviews, below you will find the feedback my recent clients have sent it me via text or email. My WeddingWire, TheKnot, and Facebook reviews links are below.

“Awwww!!!! Omg they are so cute!!!!!!! They are literally perfect. I’m in love. I’m just so thankful you processed the outfits with me cuz I was for sure clueless!! We had a blast!!!! Omg I’m literally freaking out!!!!!! They are like so amazing!!!!! I’m so happy!!!!!! You’re the best ever!!!!! Literally how am I supposed to pick a new profile picture when they are all amazing?!?!” – K + J

“These are so candid and precious! I love it! Awww!!! Thank you! I’m so glad the clothes worked with the surroundings (with some picture magic of course). They are BEAUTIFUL! It’s going to be so hard to pick just one! I looked at them first thing this morning, but didn’t want to wake you up!” – K + J

“Omg ahhhhh!!!!!!  I love theseeeeeeee. I’ve already  sent them all to everyone hahahhha! You do such an amazing job! I LOVE YOUR EDITS! ” A+A

“Goodmorning!!! my mom sent me three of your photos and I almost died! They are amazing zelle. I seriously can’t thank you enough. You are such a blessing!!! Omg so excited your such an amazing photographer no joke! You are literally the best! We appreciate you.” V.Q.

engagement ••• “Omg I could scream with excitement! HOLY COW YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! They look absolutely beautiful.” – Sarah N.

engagement ••• “This girl is AMAZIN! She does great work and makes pictures so FUN! You can tell her passion is in her work! We had a blast Sunday evening taking our engagement pictures! Normally we hate pictures but Zelle Duda made these so fun and two hours feel like 5 min!” – Danielle W.

wedding ••• “Thank you so Much! I can’t stop looking at them. Every time I touch the computer my husband laughs and says are you looking at those wedding pictures again?” – D. M.

engagement ••• “Zelle, I can’t thank you enough. Like I don’t think you understand how much I love these. I have never in my life seen pictures of me and not immediately see something I’m self conscious about. I look at these pictures and they’re perfect. Looking back at them I can’t find anything I would hide from anyone because of being self conscious. They’re perfect and I am just so so so happy. I mean so happy I cried.” – C.B.