Some love stories are not like the movies at all; but, some are. Ric and Adi met online a few years ago. Ari took a courageous leap of faith for the chance to have a loving relationship with Ric and flew to Puerto Rico to meet him. Years later, they have been blessed with a gorgeous little girl and are now planning to officially tie the knot with their close friends and family.

But, first. Engagement portraits were on the list to allow us to remember these moments. Ric and Adi drove about three hours to a gorgeous location, miles away from Charlotte. With no phone signal, plus an 8 mile drive to the top, Carver’s Gap opens to a gorgeous, breathtaking view of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

When prompted with, “Ric, I want you to whisper your favorite candy bar into Adi’s ears,” Ric leaned over, and slowly whispered, “fish tacos.” Right then and there, we busted out laughing, and when I say busted out laughing, I mean we were chuckling for a good whole minute. Ric said he will pass on the candy, and eat fish tacos any day. There is a photo below that was actually captured right when those words were said, and I think you’ll be able to easily spot which one it was.

I cannot wait to capture their wedding day. I know that there will be lots of smiling, laughing, and ultimately it will be a time filled with joy.