“The love of a family is life’s greatest blessing.”

When a family is together there is this bond that grows. A bond of love, laughter, joy, and genuine togetherness. The Chambers Family demonstrated the love that they have for each other without saying the words, “I love you.” Dad and Mom not only stand by their children’s dreams, they support them. They grow each day in their own happily ever after knowing that their family was their starting foundation. They have been living in Charlotte for years and have made this city their home. This weekend, we journeyed to the gorgeous gardens in Belmont, NC to capture this joyful family.

Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens is not the largest botanical garden in the nation, but it does offer a variety of scenery that suits every style with their 380 acres near Lake Wylie. My personal go-to is the Orchid Conservatory; a fully indoor greenhouse filled with orchids, a large succulent, a variety of tree species, and a soothing mini waterfall. They offer events throughout the year allowing guests to reconnect with the beauty within this earth.

Venue: Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens