“We are a family that truly enjoys spending time together and enjoying each individuals favorite activities.”

When you live together and love each other, you tend to enjoy the little things in life. The things that go by oh so quickly. You look back on life, as everyone grows older, wishing you could dig just one more hole with the dump truck in the sand, life them and throw them in their air until their laughs and smiles make them tired, or to see them running towards your with that bright smile and jumping into your arms.

I absolutely love intimate sessions. Whether it is with a newly engaged couple about to embark on a journey together, or a family who is just beginning a whole new chapter in their lives together as the joys of kindergarten beginning to make its way onto the calendar.

Family is family. They are there to share you ups and there to lift you during your downs. They teach you how to love, how to share, and how to feel. Moments like these are the moments that we treasure forever. They’re the moments that we remember most.